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About Parallax Advanced Research

Envisioning what's possible means taking views in Parallax.

Innovation requires multiple perspectives. Imagining a future composed of intelligent teams – composed of humans, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and other complex entities – means looking at them from every angle. Envisioning what’s possible means taking views in Parallax. To advance thinking and push research further, we must start at the center. Between where we are and where we’re going. Between what’s known and what’s unknowable. And from the center of a network of world-class organizations and institutions whose work connects right here. Because advances don't belong to one domain, they're the result of critical partnerships. Progress doesn't happen when you stand alone, but when we advance together. Together with academia, we accelerate innovation that leads to breakthroughs. Together with the government, we tackle critical global challenges and deliver new solutions. Together with the industry, we develop groundbreaking ideas and speed them to market.

This is where everything comes together.

This is why Parallax is here.

Here, in the center of the country, we can see beyond the limits of our borders. Here, at the confluence of research and requirements, we can see every step it takes to transition. By examining multiple viewpoints, we can see more and see further.

At Parallax, all we see is possibility.


Our Core Competencies

  • Build & Connect a nationwide network of high-performing teams and collaborations consisting of academic, industry, and government partners and their capabilities

  • Research & Develop innovative technologies through The Science of Intelligent Teaming™ and translate those results into solutions for critical national challenges

  • Enhance & Advance technology transition via public/private partnerships

  • Support workforce development in Ohio and the Nation

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy, and Analytics

At Parallax, our AI, autonomy, and analytics programs enable human, AI, and autonomous system teaming. Our research advances the state of the art in AI goal reasoning, trust, and understanding of emotional intent; novel capabilities for distributed control for large systems in complex environments; causal and multi-perspective modeling that focuses on computational social science; and novel data science approaches to deliver strategic research intelligence.