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Delivering Research Security Analytics


Data Abyss has been specifically developed for Research Security and Knowledge Security programs. Research Security defines safeguarding the research enterprise against the misappropriation of research and development to the detriment of national and economic security, related violations of research integrity, and foreign government interference. Knowledge Security entails mitigating the risks of espionage, unwanted knowledge transfers, intellectual property theft, data leakage and the misuse of dual-use technology.

Our platforms, software, and data-as-a-service capabilities collect, analyze, label, and visualize data on People, Places, Publications, Organizations, Technologies, Funding, and Social profiles with risk analysis. Our capabilities leverage natural language processing, natural language understanding, and a suite of data analytics and visualization tools to transform raw data into actionable risk-based intelligence.

Why Data Abyss?

Our Information Fusion Capabilities Discover the Unknown

Data Abyss offers platforms and solutions that empower users to search and identify valuable intelligence. We also provide unique knowledge and perspectives that help analysts waste less time on irrelevant or harmless entities, and spend more time focused on targeted and emerging security threats. The Rivalry Platform was designed to improve intelligence analyst’s ability to identify S&T trends and generate forecasts by using advanced algorithms, risk analysis, and visual analytics to reveal previously unknown relationships and correlations in massive Chinese research data sets. This capability, which streamlines search, review, triage, and synthesis can be used to identify, evaluate, and grow new and emerging technologies that have the potential for significant impact on the U.S. and NATO governments missions as well as enhance situational awareness, evaluating courses of action, and measuring risk effects & impact.

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Increased User Impact

Data Abyss assists its users to recognize entities that are worth their attention. Data Abyss tags entities with risk and impact indicators that are associated with known and potentially unknown risky and impactful entities. The risk and impact indicators are based on our risk matrix and impact matrix. The risk index leverages reference data sets of entities from Military End Users (MEU), Entity Lists (EL), Covered Lists (CL), and entities tracked by the Australia Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). We leverage AI-assisted processing techniques to track down People's Liberation Army affiliates and U.S. Universities and U.S. entities connected to the PRC. With our platform users can better understand relationships associated with known and previously unknown risks to include risks to Universities, Labs, and other international organizations. This insight helps analysts deliver impact where it matters most. Our large and at massive scale parallel processing allows for a near complete picture of every Chinese Organizations relationships across the S&T spectrum. This near complete picture of every Chinese S&T Organizations relationships describes the existing organizational or company network. This computationally intensive process would be nearly impossible for analyst teams to manually derive in a life time. The relationships across these organizations contain billions of connections.

People Search Results
People Search Results

Identify Emerging Threats and Security Risks

Critical technologies are current and emerging technologies that have the capacity to significantly enhance or pose risk to our national interests. Critical technologies can be digital (such as artificial intelligence) or non-digital (such as synthetic biology). With Data Abyss analysts can uncover foreign research interests in critical technology areas seen across our Chinese data sources through our query interfaces and visualizations. Our data tags reveal knowledge of critical technology risks and emerging technology threats with implications for national and economic security. Analysts can monitor technology risks to protect critical technologies in pursuit of our national interests.

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