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Data Abyss


Data Abyss specializes in collection and analysis of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) or Publicly Available Information (PAI). Data Abyss gathers, sorts and filters relevant PAI through its proprietary platform. We offer a suite of solutions, which we further customize to meet the specific needs of each of Data Abyss client. Our team has a history of working with customers in the government sector especially in intelligence, security, defense, and the commercial sector. Teams ranging from supply chain risk management, foreign policy analysts, and threat intelligence analysts, will find that Data Abyss allows them to uncover new entities that were previously unknown.

Our Rivalry Platform is unparalleled because of its backend processing engines which assist in solving the problems of analyzing and identifying potential areas of PRC risk and opportunity. The goal of the platform is to generate automated actionable risk analysis to help identify, prioritize, and guide the development of courses of action for U.S. government stakeholders, allies, and partners. Our risk determination & impact engines have a unique way to check relationships for signs of Chinese military association and transnational organizational impacts. This allows the processing of billions of data points, building trillions of connections and viewing the results from various angles and dimensions in order to identify the intelligence that you need for your task. The Data Abyss platform is built to provide all the necessary data and tools to support you with your investigations and analysis into the China’s defense industrial base and academic landscape.

Rivalry Benefits

  • Automated and AI-assisted data-curation processes and algorithms

  • Billions of standardized, corrected, linked, and translated datapoints from advanced open-source to deep web sources

  • Discovery, collection, storage, indexing, and search capabilities for open-source data found across the open web and deep web

  • Vital information to support intelligence analysts, investigators, and researchers

  • Historical archived copies of deep web PRC publications

  • Complete, exportable visualizations & graphs

  • Secure Elasticsearch API Endpoint

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